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Adi has always immersed herself in drawing and art; over the years she has worked in the fields of art and design, both locally and internationally. Her artistic expression flits along the gameplay between what is certain and disparate, deep and flat, exposed and hidden.  


Over the years Adi has taken still photographs of figures and characters, both familiar and foreign; she then removes the figures from the environment in which they were photographed and places them within a drawing of her newly-imagined ensemble. The figures are placed alongside spectacular scenes from nature featuring dogs, wolves, trees, and bushes… however, the time and location remain vague and indecipherable. The figures may float in an empty space, or at times they might move in an abstract space saturated with spots.


We are flooded by thoughts about the past and future, and oftentimes miss the sanctity of the current moment. Focusing on the here and now connects us to ourselves, our surroundings and to nature. When approached from an egalitarian rather than patronizing position, at a given moment everyone and everything are one.  Adi seeks to distill a presence in her art, a moment that exists within each of us, regardless of time, location, or context.


Adi’s artwork has been exhibited and sold in the United States, Canada, England, and Israel.


2020-2022 - Better Things, TV show, season 4-5.

2023, Man and the Living World Museum, Ramat-Gan

2023, Fresh paint art fair, Tel Aviv

2022, Knesiat Hasechel - 30, Jafo, Tel aviv, Curating: Keren Bar-gil

2022, E-motion,  Tel-Aviv, Curating: Elinora Lapidot, Beenee Sarid See

2022, See you outside, Solo exhibition. Peacock tel aviv. Curating: Arit Gordon

2021, Post Pandemic, group exhibition, Tel Aviv/ Curating: Keren Bar-Gil

2020, Assemblage STAIRCASE GALLERY / With HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. Curating: Alvit Sharvit

2020 , love and relationships in art, The Performing Arts Center Herzlia. Curating: Avivit Agam Dali

2019 "Hotel Utopia", Lighthouse hotel Tel aviv, Curating: Dana Gilerman 

2019  Fresh Paint fair, Zemack Contemporary Art

2018  Art Toronto, Zemack Contemporary Art

2018  SUMMER SHOW, Zemack Contemporary Art

2018  “If So, What?” The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, Contempop Gallery

2018  Affordable Art Fair New York Fall, Contempop Gallery

2018  Market Art + Design Bridgehampton, Contempop Gallery

2018  #metoo, Binyamin Gallery, curating: Sari Golan 

2018  "70 Years of Israeli Cinema", Tel-Aviv Cinematheque, curating: Avivit Agam Dali

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